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Sales e-mail:

We respond to e-mails within 15 minutes or less.
My Practice Now's goal is to make healthcare practices fast, simple and practical. We are in this industry to enhance businesses and provide the necessary tools to become more successful every day. That being said, we are not in this business to make money. We are in this business because we have the goal to make your practice better.My Practice Now is the best software solution for Functional Medicine practices. My Practice Now allows you to keep your practice under control with scheduling, seminar management, class management, patient management, patient billing, wellness program management, fee for service management, EHR, electronic intake forms, inventory, online store, email marketing, and we are the only software who has integrations with Active Campaign, Event Brite, and MailChimp!
General Questions

You own your own data and no one looks at your data unless you give us permission to access your software for training purposes or for customer service help.

MPN does not integrate with any labs, e-prescribing, and or billing softwares. We are looking forward to provide these features in the future.

That is correct. You can have as many users, as many calendars and you are also able to access the software from any computer that has internet. If you are on vacation or if you are working from home and want to look at your schedule when you come back you can!

MPN is a cloud and web-based software so as long as you have access to the internet you can access MPN. You can access it from a Windows, Apple, Linux, or any other operating system along with smart phones or tablets. Just keep in mind that the right clicking features in the desktop version will not be available in the tablet or mobile devices.

Other Questions

You can start using My Practice Now as soon as you receive your log in information from our support team but because MPN is none like any other software, we recommend a series of 5-one hour training sessions and we give you a 4 week grace period to transition from your old software to MPN.

Our customer service hours are 24/7 - except holidays

All set up fees are non refundable. No refunds will be issued for mid month-cancellations or any payments.

Upon request to break the established terms with My Practice Now, The Client has to notify My Practice Now 90 days in advance that they wish to cancel services and the user will be charged for the three months in advance. If the client did not pay any amount for the set up fee The Client is entitled to pay $2,500 for the servers designated and the set up of the software in advance as well. Any unpaid account balance must be paid prior to My Practice Now processing the cancellation request and any unpaid balance may delay the processing of the cancellation. The Client After the account has been cancelled and deactivated for a 3-month period, all data on servers will be deleted. If The Client fails to pay its monthly fee and there is an outstanding balance of two monthly access fees, the account will become delinquent and The Client will not have access to My Practice Now until account balance is paid. If the account becomes delinquent for a 3-month period, The Client’s account will become inactive, user and passwords will become inactive and there will be a re-activation fee of $399 plus the outstanding balance if The Client wishes to have access to the software and data again.

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