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Improved in 2020
Calendar and Online Booking

Schedule appointments, seminars, and classes. You can book per providers, rooms, appointments and send immediate confirmation text and e-mails as well as text and email reminders. Your online calendar allows you to ask for payment up front if needed. You have full control.

  • Scheduling, Calendar
Improved in 2020
Perfect Cash Based Billing

Our billing module is perfect for fee for service, wellness programs, membership plans or any other cash based billing. You can print invoices and have your patients submit to their insurance company. Collect payments up front, the day of, and or set up recurring payments.

  • Billing, Cash             
Improved in 2020
Patient Management

You can manage any type of patients in our software efficiently and seamlessly. My Practice Now will help you make sure no patients fall through the cracks and make sure you protect yourself legally and be compliant every single way! Wellness patients will love you!

  • Payments, Processing
Improved in 2020
Direct Payment Processing

Process your payments directly from our software, save time balancing at the end of the day, and receive your funds in as little as 24 hours. You can process payments from any device or browser and you don't need to purchase equipment. Process payments any time or day. So easy.

  • Payments, Processing
Improved in 2020
E.H.R. & Telemedicine

Create your very own chart templates or use existing templates that you can customize to your own needs, create nutritional recommendations, and more! You can video chat with your patients from anywhere in the world and you can even dictate your chart notes from any device.

  • EHR, Charting           
Improved in 2020
Smart Intake Forms

You can now create your own intakes and send them to patients instantly with one click of a button. You can go completely paperless and you link text fields to your EHR templates to avoid any double work. We work with many associations and have forms available for you upon approval!

  • Forms, Intake             
Improved in 2020
Inventory & Online Store

MPN has a great way to manage your inventory. You can receive products, write off products, use barcode scanning, and even sell your supplements online! The online store allows your patients to purchase supplements any time or day. This can help you increase your revenue!

  • Inventory, Products      
Improved in 2020
Documents and Labs

Upload all your documents, records, pictures, images, ID's and much more and receive labs from your very own fax server directly in MPN. You can Share documents, labs, and ask patients to upload their own medical records from their patient portals to save you all the work!

  • Documents, Labs       
Improved in 2020
Wellness Plans and Programs

You can create wellness programs and plans along with drip campaigns directly from our software. Once you create them or use the existing programs available, you can share with your patients for better patient compliance. Increase patient success and engage with your patients without using third party software!

  • Wellness, Programs
Improved in 2020
Fantastic Reports

Although My Practice Now is not an accounting software, we have amazing financial, inventory, statistics, and patient reports that will allow you to keep your practice organized and on top of everything. All our reports are exportable to a CSV file, downloadable, and more.

  • Finances, Reports        
Improved in 2020
New Fax Server

Our new fax server is going to revolutionize the way your fax needs. You can receive faxes and send faxes directly from our software. If you need to fax anything such as labs, records, charts, and other things, you can just simply do it from our software without having to print or download!

  • Documents, Faxes        
Improved in 2020
Patient Portal

Your patients can schedule appointments, request refills, upload medical records, purchase supplements, view their treatment plans, pay their balances, update their patient information, add credit cards on file, fill out intake forms, chat with the practice and much more!

  • Wellness, Plans        
Improved in 2020
Your Very Own Branded App

You can now have your very own app with your practice name, colors, and own logo for patients to download. You can enhance patient engagement by allowing automated notifications to communicate with your patients on a personal level. You can do so many great things with the app!

  • App, Portal                 
Improved in 2020
Smart Marketing

Do you want to engage with the patients who haven't been in your office? Our software will give you valuable statistics such as marketing source, appointment status, appointment type, program type, and much more so you can engage and send e-mails directly from our software!

  • Marketing, CRM         
Improved in 2020
Practice Health Report

You can see financial statistics, patient demographic statistics, appointment statistics, attendance rates, program statistics, EHR summaries, and other great statistics that will help you pinpoint your areas of growth and opportunities to keep your practice growing each day.

  • Statistics, Reports     
Improved in 2020
Fax prescriptions

Although we don't have a full blown e-prescribe module yet, we do have a great alternative if you want to fax prescriptions. You can save pharmacy information and send prescriptions via fax and all your medications will be stored in a database that you can use any time.

  • Fax, prescriptions    
Improved in 2020
Works with Active Campaign

This integration will allow you to keep focused on your patients and avoid any double entry when it comes to new leads or patients. If you integrate MPN and Active campaign you will be able to enroll patients in your campaigns directly from our software. Yes, it's that simple!

  • Integration, CRM       
Improved in 2020
Works with Event Brite

This integration will allow you to keep your marketing and your leads all in one central place. No more multiple spreadsheets! All your Event Brite leads will be automatically sent to MPN and your leads will receive the immediate e-mail and text confirmation about your events.

  • Integration, CRM       
Improved in 2020
Works with Google Calendar

You can now integrate with Google calendar and My Practice Now's scheduling so you can sync your personal appointments with your MPN calendar to avoid any double bookings. We don't share any patient info with Google or Google calendar so it's still HIPAA compliant. You'll love it!

  • Integration, CRM       
Improved in 2020
Works with Business Websites

We have iframes that we provide you so you can connect your marketing landing pages, calendar, online store, and your patient portal to your website, social media and other marketing sources so you can increase your patients and income. We can also create a website for you!

  • Integration, Websites
Improved in 2020
More Integrations coming soon!

We're working very hard to bring the following integrations: Lab integrations, E-prescribe, Fullscript, Quickbooks Online, Infusionsoft, and other great features that will simplify your workflow. Stay tuned as we are striving to release these integrations in 2021!

  • Integrations, More      
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